Here I am…

So yeah. This is me. About to move into a new house. About to start trying to make a baby.

I already have a writing blog, which I should be writing next week’s posts for. I should be packing up my house. I should be revising my novel.

But nope.

I’m starting this personal blog instead. And that right there tells you so much about me. I am a master procrastinator. 


Really, though, I’m starting this blog because I want something solid to look back on. My memory is such shit these days–I’m hoping this will help me remember things more clearly after they’ve grown a little foggy in my mind.

Plus, I met a girl recently who said she has her blog printed in book form once a year, and I love that idea–but I don’t think I want to do it with my writing blog, so here we are instead: Welcome to Saradise City! 


(PS I found my header picture here.)


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