I’m Not An Arts and Craftsy Type of Person, But Damn if JoAnn Fabrics Didn’t Almost Convert Me

I do not have artistic hands. Baking/decorating baked goods? Nope. Drawing or painting? Nope.


Well, okay. I’m halfway decent when a keyboard’s involved, creating fiction. Sometimes. (Most of the time I feel like a hack–but I’m slowly coming to understand that this is a normal feeling among writers.) And there was a time (a zillion years ago) when I could express myself through dance with the best of them. (Now? You should see me in Zumba. If I’m expressing myself at all, it’s to say that I’m a moron. Ha!)

Anyway. I went to JoAnn Fabric today to buy scissors because I broke my current pair trying to cut through bubble wrap (don’t ask), and they hadn’t had any at Bed Bath and Beyond (where I was to pick up some of my favorite hangers). But when I walked in?

I wanted everything.

It was all so pretty and frilly. Cake decorating kits. Thread. Jewelry making thingies. Stationary and scrap book stuff.

But I refrained.


I’m actually pretty proud of myself for only coming back with the following things:

How CUTE are those scissors? And they came with the pink thread snipper thinger. I doubt I’ll ever use it, but I liked the pattern on these scissors the best, and they were a package deal…
BIRDS! I love birds. My entire family does. And the ones on this tray aren’t even properly aligned, but I don’t even care. I’m obsessed. 
More birds! And a mini-chest. I love every single thing about this. Can’t wait to find a place for it in the new house!
Do I sew? Nope. Do I need this needle pillow thing? NOPE. But… It reminds me of my grandmother, Kiki (miss her so freaking much), who had one–and my mom, I think, had one, too. They’re two of the best women who’ve ever graced the Earth, so it only makes sense that I felt so sentimental as soon as I saw it. Had to have it. (Plus it was under $2… So, you know, basically free. Right?



The chest was alone was originally $99.99–but my entire purchase was barely $60. So, total WIN right there. 

Oh and these are the hangers I was picking up from BB&B. I’m obsessed with how thing they are and have been slowly switching out my entire closet with them. I buy a new box every 4-6 months and give all my bigger plastic ones to N. This box should complete the transition!

I love the hanger clips, too. 

And look how much progress I’ve made with the closet! Remember last time? Even though I’d packed three wardrobe boxes full of stuff, the closet still looked pretty functional. It’s finally starting to look like, yanno, hey–I’m moving!

That jar contains half of my current LUSH bath collection and it smells so freaking good. I lift the lid to sniff like twenty times a day.

Also, in unrelated news, two days ago I was super nauseous, yesterday I had really bad heartburn, and today I’m back with the nausea. No idea what’s going on with me. Because there’s seriously a negative percent chance that I’m preggers. And I don’t even know if there’s such a thing as a negative percent. Because percentages deal with wholes, and the lowest you can get is zero. Unless maybe you say, it’s 100 percent chance of -1 on the scale of whether or not I could be pregnant right now.

I should probably know these things, considering I used to teach math…



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