I took a pregnancy test this morning.

SPOILER ALERT: It was negative.

I mean, I knew it would be. Like I said in one of my previous posts, there’s like less than zero percent chance I could be preggers right now. But still. Last week I was nauseous and had killer heartburn. This week my boobs are huge and super sore. Usually they only get that way the week before my… um… you know, special girlie time. (Period.)

Uh, sorry if that’s TMI.

But I’m still having bouts of nausea. And I’ve also been way more emotional than normal…

It just doesn’t make sense. Well, maybe the emotional part, since we’re about to move and it’s a little stressful right now… I guess… I actually don’t really feel all that stressed about the move, but I probably am, right? N certainly is. But mostly because he has to replace our blinds before we can rent out our current house and those things are a bitch. So maybe it’s some sort of sympathy-based emotional time?

In looking at the calendar, I just realized the past week is when I probably ovulated. And maybe these are also symptoms of ovulation? I have no clue. I should probably look into it. But even if they are, I’ve never FELT them like this before. Which leads me to wonder this:

Now that I’m starting to get ready to BE ready to start the baby-making thing… Am I just somehow more in tune with my body and how it functions along those childbearing lines? Did my body pick up on what I’ve been thinking about and start readying itself as well?

Is that even possible? Hasn’t my body been ready since my first… girlie time screw it, period? So why the change in how noticeable the symptoms are (if that’s even what these things have been)?

Also, if you do the math, you’ll get to the place where you think I’m an idiot because pregnancy tests can’t tell until you’re six days away from when you’re supposed to get your period, which if, as I’ve already stated, I’m probably currently ovulating (or just finished), I’m clearly way further out than that. But I couldn’t make that sort of logic prevail this morning.



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