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It’s staaaaarting…

Today, I tracked my first temperature in prep for the whole baby makin’ thing. We aren’t trying yet, but it’s good to get the pattern figured out. I set my alarm for 8 (super early for me) and then ended up waking up at 6am instead. No clue why. I’m supposed to take the temp within 30 minutes of the same time each morning and I can guarantee I won’t be doing it that early every day! But I took it anyway, just to get in the habit. (98.60)

They say just to reach over to grab the thermometer and take your temperature without even sitting up or going to the bathroom first because those things can affect your temperature. (I just took it again at 7:33, after having been up for over an hour & having some coffee, to see if there’s a difference–98.17. Weird. It went down.)

And I’m starting to get in the habit of taking prenatal vitamins, which… gag. They taste disgusting AND I get super nauseous if I don’t eat with them.

Fun times.

In other news, I took the Meyers Briggs test and got these results:

ENFP – “Journalist”. Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.

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Totally not what I was expecting. I definitely thought I’d be an I, not an E… But apparently the results get more accurate the more you take the test, so maybe I’ll make it a monthly thing. And in taking a moment to really think about it, I actually have gotten a lot more comfortable in social situations over the past couple years, so maybe the E makes sense. Except I still require a LOT of downtime (alone time!) to recover from those social situations… So… Who knows. And I did walk the middle line with most areas of the outcome, so there’s that, too.

The site was, and it came from my sister–who got it from our “aunt” (read: Mom’s best friend, and really does feel like an aunt to me) Ann, who really knows this stuff. So I’d say the site is pretty legit.

Current song addiction:Until We Bleed by Andreas Kleerup & Lykke Li. SUCH a gorgeous song.

 Also loving Taylor Swift & Civil War’s Safe & Sound (from The Hunger Games:


I Dreamed I Almost Died

A day or two ago, I had a dream that my father-in-law was driving me and N to see The Dark Knight Rises (which I haven’t seen yet in real life, and am dying–no pun intended, you’ll see–to). He was speeding and fell asleep at the wheel as we were going around a curve–and the car flew off a cliff and was heading straight for a bunch of trees.
We were going to die, no question.
My last thoughts were, very, very clear in my head. Actually, I might even have said them out loud while we flew through the air.
I love my dad.

I love my mom.

I love my sisters.
And then, right before impact, the dream shifted into something else. 
It was crazy, but.. I kinda feel like that’s exactly what I would think right before I died. 
Like, in that last moment, I’d end out super forceful loving thoughts on the off chance they might actually reach the people I care the most about when I leave them behind.
Obviously, it’s scary to think about almost dying (especially for me–I’m terrified to die), but a part of me finds the place where my last thoughts went… I don’t know. Peaceful? Meaningful? They made sense to me, both during and after the dream.