I Dreamed I Almost Died

A day or two ago, I had a dream that my father-in-law was driving me and N to see The Dark Knight Rises (which I haven’t seen yet in real life, and am dying–no pun intended, you’ll see–to). He was speeding and fell asleep at the wheel as we were going around a curve–and the car flew off a cliff and was heading straight for a bunch of trees.
We were going to die, no question.
My last thoughts were, very, very clear in my head. Actually, I might even have said them out loud while we flew through the air.
I love my dad.

I love my mom.

I love my sisters.
And then, right before impact, the dream shifted into something else. 
It was crazy, but.. I kinda feel like that’s exactly what I would think right before I died. 
Like, in that last moment, I’d end out super forceful loving thoughts on the off chance they might actually reach the people I care the most about when I leave them behind.
Obviously, it’s scary to think about almost dying (especially for me–I’m terrified to die), but a part of me finds the place where my last thoughts went… I don’t know. Peaceful? Meaningful? They made sense to me, both during and after the dream.

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