It’s staaaaarting even more!

I’ve officially made a pre-pregnancy doctor appointment. September 6! (I would have preferred sooner, but I wanted to make sure it was with my doctor, because she’s awesome, and that’s the soonest she had available, the popular minx…) So to hold myself over until then, I ordered a few books on amazon–and rushed the delivery so they’ll arrive before we head to the beach on Saturday.

A few things I’ve already determined: We’ll be using the every other day method, (pretty self-explanatory regarding what that is, but the reasoning behind it is that sperm’s potency has more of a chance to build up if it’s not… used? (ew) every day) and I ordered some pre-seed from amazon, too. (L told me about it, a lube that helps people get pregnant.)

I also ordered some ovulation prediction strips, in case I suck at taking my temperature every day. Sure, now that I just started I’m on a two-day streak of remembering… but who knows how long that’ll last. Or even if I do keep it up, I’m all for multiple methods to track. 🙂 PLUS. From what I’ve read, testing morning urine is best for prediction strips–but as long as I stay within the same SIX HOUR window every morning, I should be able to get accurate results. Yeah. For me?

6 hour strip window > 30 min early am temperature window.

Speaking of, my temperature was much lower this morning (97.90) but I don’t think I’m ovulating because my period is about six days away. Or maybe I’m a weird ovulater. Ha, is that even possible? (It’s certainly not a real word…) I have a lot left to learn. Maybe I did something wrong when I took it yesterday? Or maybe the room was hotter while I slept? Maybe there really is that big of a difference, depending on the time you take it? (Yesterday I took it around 6, today around 7:50.)

So according to the app I use (My Days, also recommended by L) I should be ovulating in September (the month we’re going to start trying) starting the 15th. We’ll be at a wedding that night, so I won’t start trying that day–it’ll be my last moment of drunk partying. But the next day? It’s my BIRTHDAY–so it kinda feels like the perfect day to start trying! (And I can tell how much readier I am now than ever before because I just totally grinned while writing the previous sentence.)

I have exactly a month and a half to get physically ready to start! We’ll be in the Outer Banks (Kitty Hawk) for two weeks, so I’ll probably do and eat whatever I feel like while there. But when we come home? I’ll be back to hitting the gym hard–5 days a week, if I can–and incorporating healthy eating habits. (Yikes. NOT something I’m good at…)

Dun dun dunnnn.


2 thoughts on “It’s staaaaarting even more!

  1. Liz

    Preseed does have parabens in it so try not to use too much of it. I think the outcome outweighs the risk, but just be careful.

    Have sex the day you ovulate, the day after, and the day after that. You never know what point your egg is at.

    Also, take the ovulation kits twice a day. I was only taking them with my first urine everyday and never had a positive. I randomly took one in the afternoon one day around when I was ovulating and it showed up positive. So take them twice a day around ovulation. Also, I bought the clear plastic solo cups to do the tests with. I really like those ones as they want you to use plastic, clean, new cups.

    Excited for you guys and your journey, and prayers that your journey to motherhood is much shorter than mine!

  2. Liz

    Also, try plugging in your info from “My Days” into that website because that website really helps point out when you ovulated and you can post your chart for other community member's advice. It's also nice to see your chart on a big computer screen.


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