Back from the OBX

Just got home from two weeks in the Outer Banks (Kitty Hawk) in North Carolina.

We had a few storms here and there the first week. I love watching them come in.

My parents and I stayed the entire time. For the first week, my uncle Dave was there and his/my parents’ friend, Rick, from college. Adair and Glen Allen, Nelson’s parents, came for the first few days as well. And, of course, Nelson was there, too. 🙂

Nelson’s parents brought a TON of food including Adair’s lasagna and pulled pork BBQ–so delicious. They left on Wednesday. Dave and Rick left on Friday, at the same time our friends Donna (a writing buddy) and Barry and their daughter, Bella, came to spend the weekend with us. Mom made everyone take tequila shots almost every day. I’m actually not sure how many bottles we went through. (Three, maybe?) Two alone when Barry and Donna were with us. (And that’s saying something, considering Donna and I didn’t take any.)

Tequila shots! Nelson, Mom, Rick, Dave, and Dad with a random pineapple (ha!). 

Donna, Barry, and I stayed up late (2am-ish) that first Saturday night to watch the Perseid meteor shower. It was pretty amazing–tons of shooting stars glittering across the sky. Nelson had too much to drink beforehand, unfortunately, and missed it. Mom and dad had already gone to bed, but mom got up early the next morning (and a few after that) and managed to catch a glimpse of some.

Donna & co left on Sunday and Nelson had to leave too, for work stuff (boo). I was pretty upset about it, but Liz showed up the same day he left, so that helped.

Lots of cards were played (though less than usual)! Mimi and Oh, Hell (two family games, which I’ll post about another time) and Cards Against Humanity, a card game I ordered while at the beach after hearing about it from a friend. It’s an awful, non-PC, hilariously funny game that is fun sober but AWESOME when you’ve had a bit to drink.

The beach was hot and the ocean was perfectly chilled. My dad cooked most nights, so we ate really awesome meals, including steamers the night Liz left.

So freaking yummy.

Liz came with a cold and I left with it–but thankfully it didn’t really hit until my parents and I were driving home. Liz also convinced me to read 50 Shades of Grey, an erotica that sprang from Twilight fanfiction, that’s basically taken women across the world by a storm. It’s a joke in the writing community so I’d had no plans to read it. And, well… I read the entire trilogy. And enjoyed it.


I have a strict policy not to be embarrassed by books I’ve liked, even when the rest of the writing world hates them (take, for instance, Twilight). So I know I’ll admit to reading and liking 50 Shades when it comes up, as it’s SURE to, and yet again, that policy will fail me and I’ll end up feeling like I’m not intelligent enough to read books as critically as everyone else in the community.

Meh. Whatevs. The books were fun and sexy and perfect beach reads. Plus, I like to like things.

Anyway, it was a fun trip. We came home yesterday, a day early because I missed Nelson. (Well, mostly that. Also, I don’t think my parents minded missing Saturday traffic.) It’s our fourth year vacationing in Kitty Hawk as a family, and it’s a tradition I hope will continue for years and years to come. (And I hope Kelsey and Chris and Brett are able to make it next time.)

It felt kinda weird, knowing this could have been the last time without any of us girls having babies to take care of!

I didn’t take nearly enough photographs–only ONE with Liz and none with the rest of the family… But here are the rest I had on my phone:

Doesn’t this look like a painting? But it’s not! I took this with TrueHDR and then (maybe?) filtered it through DeluxeFX. I can’t really remember…
Pelicans flying over the ocean. This pic is so cool because it’s basically exactly the next tattoo I’ve wanted to get. Black birds flying up my wrist in different stages of flight.
Sun through storm clouds.
I loved the way the sun shot through the clouds here–like the way I pictured Heaven growing up.
Messing around with different iPhone photo apps. (TrueHDR here and then an Instagram filter & circular tilt-shift around the umbrella.)
Not the best pic, but it’s the only one I had of me and Liz!
Jersey, my parents Golden Retriever. The happiest dog EVER. Too bad she smells soooo stinky.
And Bailey with her head on my lap. She’s such a sweetheart. When she’s not barking her piercing bark.

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