Whole Foods and Getting Healthy

Whole foods is pretty awesome. I’ve been in one for lunch before, but I’ve never actually shopped there until today. I decided to make it my go-to grocery store because it’s way harder to find SUPER unhealthy things there than it is at any of my local other grocers. Not gonna lie, I was kinda dreading the shopping experience. Me and healthy foods? Yeah, we don’t mix so well.

But I actually loved it. I picked up dinner for the next two days (tonight: London broil, orzo with herbs, and a zucchini/squash mix; tomorrow: sausage with peppers and onions, whole wheat buns, and fruit salad) and a few healthier snacks. (Healthier than my usual Doritos/cookies/crap, anyway.) Organic strawberries, bananas, baked chips, etc…

The store’s a little pricier than others, but I think in the end the benefits will outweigh the costs. I’m also going to try shopping twice a week instead of once. It sounds like a pain in the ass–and I’m sure it will be–but that way I can shop for a few meals at a time, instead of getting everything I’ll need for an entire week. That’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past year or so and it SO hasn’t been working. I end up getting a few meals worth of food and then we eat out or order in most other nights. So, you know, it might actually not cost more to shop at Whole Foods in the long run, now that I think about how much we already spend at restaurants/with delivery…

Ugh. I’m excited now, but I am realllllly hoping this determination doesn’t fade away in a week. That’s my normal pattern. Healthy for a few days and then it’s back to fast food nation. (Seriously, it’s disgusting, but I eat fast food almost every day.)

But you know the saying, “you are what you eat?” When you’re trying to conceive, that saying becomes “your baby is what you eat.” What you eat while pregnant (and even before) can make a huge difference in the way your child is formed–and it really affects their health for the rest of their life! While, unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about the crap I’ve put in my body for the past decade (or THREE), I can make changes now and through pregnancy (and hopefully beyond!) It won’t be just my body that I’m affecting for that much longer. So I’m much more determined now than I have ever been before to kick the bad food habits. I want a healthy baby.

I want a healthy me.


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