My nails could be deadly weapons.

Seriously. Because of the prenatals, my nails are ROCK SOLID.

I wish I’d been charting my temperatures for a lot longer, because this month isn’t doing much for figuring out how my body works. Based on my temps, I haven’t ovulated yet, even though I’m on day 21 of my cycle.

An OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kit), which usually shows me barely anything, has looked like this since last night:

(Last night it was a little bit lighter, but not much.) The test line is *very slightly* less dark than the control line, but I think it’s a pretty good indication that I’m ovulating. Or about to. Shit, I can never remember if the line means it’s about to happen of if it’s happened already. (I keep reading about these things–and then promptly forgetting…) Okay, so according to the Internets, about 12 to 36 hours after the LH surges (which is what an OPK will indicate) ovulation will occur.

So I’d say I’m about to ovulate! My temp didn’t spike this morning, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t  tomorrow (or the next day at the latest).

I wish I’d tracked my cervical mucus better. (I definitely will next month, when we start trying.) (Also, how funny that the term “cervical mucus” doesn’t gross me out?) (Well, okay, it still does a little bit.)

I am glad, though, to be paying attention to these things. I feel better prepared (and more so every day) for getting pregnant. Especially because I’m about to be 31 and I want to get pregnant as soon as I start trying. Which I know is wishful thinking, ha–but still, I think it’s better to know these things instead of trying for a couple months first without the knowledge/charting. I don’t think it’ll impede the enjoyment of trying, either. I think it’ll enhance it, actually.


2 thoughts on “My nails could be deadly weapons.

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