There weren’t even plans to start trying this month, but then we did. And now it looks like we baby danced every day we should have (two days leading up to ovulation, the day of, and one day after).

And now I realllllly want to be pregnant.

I kind of feel like I am.

But that’s probably just suuuuuuper wishful thinking. I’m sure it happens to everyone right when they start trying, and have seen what looks like a successful cycle. (Successful in that I ovulated and had sex around the right time.) And I’m sure after a few months, I’ll come back down to earth, with more realistic expectations.

But still. I feel like I am. In my gut. (Which I’ve probably just jinxed by even saying.)

So here comes the painful two week wait before I can take a pregnancy test!

I bet I’ll be driving myself crazy the entire time.


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