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Dear Baby 2

Dear Baby,

Today, September 27th, 2012, we saw you for the first time! You’re a teeny, tiny peanut with a super strong heartbeat. And you know who teared up the first time they laid eyes on you? Your daddy. I did, too, but watching him get choked up was about the sweetest thing ever.

No. I take that back. Seeing you was the sweetest thing ever. But he came in a close second.

There you are!
That dark circle is your gestational sac, and the white little bubble is your yolk sac, which gives you nutrients.
As for you? You’re somewhere right in there with the yolk sac! Too small for me to point out yet, but, baby, your heartbeat was strong! Watching your heart beat was one of the most amazing experience of my life.

According to the technician, I’m six weeks and four days pregnant–and your birthday will be May 19, 2013!! And you know what, baby? I can’t WAIT. Neither can your dad. Sometimes I think he’s even more excited than I am–but then I realize how crazy that sounds. It’s not possible. (Seriously though, not even seven weeks along yet, and he’s ready to announce your existence to the entire world!)

So right now, your nose, mouth, and ears are beginning to take shape! There are dark spots in your head, where your eyes and nostrils are forming, and your ears are small dents in the sides of your head. And your lungs are starting to develop, too!

You’re about a quarter of an inch long. Still so, so tiny! The size of a sweet pea! And that’s, of course, what you are. Our little sweet pea!

your mom-to-be


Caturday 1

Two of the loves of my life.

An Ode to Nausea*

Hello nausea, my old friend, you’ve come to visit me again,
Because a trickle started creeping, to wake me up while I was sleeping,
And the queasy that was planted in my frame, 
Still remains, within that mound of extra saliva.

*sun to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel’s Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, obvi.

Basically, I’m finally on the upswing of my cold and guess what greets me this morning? Yeah. Bet you could tell my the title of the post.

I’m really hoping this is from all the extra snot I’ve swallowed over the past few days and not a precursor for what’s to come. Because omg it suuuucked. I got up and made a bagel, and after I ate it I felt better (though I swear it’s still there, just barely held at bay, between my lower ribs–and if I think too hard about it, it’ll come roaring back in full force).

Like, in the past couple weeks, when I felt a little bit of nausea, it was mostly tinged with a little bit of heartburn, and I could totally still have gone to the gym and gotten on the treadmill. Yeah. Not today. While this wasn’t knockdown-drag-out-can’t-move nausea, it was still too much to do anything during. Even getting up to toast the bagel was not fun. Yikes.

There’s been a part of me that’s been kinda bummed that I haven’t had a ton of preggo symptoms ever since it was confirmed. (Even though it’s still so early, ha.) But the MAJORITY of me has been hoping I’d be one of the lucky ones who just breezed through the first trimester. Most of my friends who’ve gotten knocked up have had it pretty bad. I figured ONE of us had to get it easy. But if this morning was any indication, it ain’t gonna be me.

Fingers crossed that it’s just from extra mucus accumulation over the past week! 🙂

(There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say type.)

Chalkboard fun

Still sick. Stillll miserable.

But you know how you get that, like, ONE thirty minute window sometimes when you feel like utter shit when all the sudden you don’t feel like SUCH utter shit? Like, that window where you could actually clean or do laundry or be productive?

I’ve had those. And instead of actually being productive, I’ve been playing with my chalkboard 🙂

Or with some color…

I mean, clearly, I need to work on my drawing skills. The best I’ve got now are hearts and stars–and even those are of questionable quality, ha! But… I tried to do one with birds for  a little while  hours, and it. was. awwwwful. I’ll at least have to play around with  fun little twists and doodles connected to and/or around my letters…

Upper Respiratory Infection and (unrelated) HCG levels and (very related) why I will not be doing Internet research about any of this again*!

So I went to the doctor yesterday, at the advice of a nurse at my OBGYN. As I already mentioned, I have an upper respiratory infection (also known as the common cold) and I. am. miserable. Stuffy, can’t breath (because it hurts so freaking much), coughing up disgusting chunks of things–while still somehow still managing to stay dry enough that it hurts like sandpaper, chills.

Just general UGHness.

I woke up this morning, panicking because I forgot to ask the most important question yesterday: Will having an upper respiratory infection hurt fetal development?

So I left a message for the advice nurse at my PCP’s office. But when I spoke to the nurse, while she tried to reassure me that I’d be fine, she kept thinking I was asking if the nasal saline spray I was using would hurt the baby. Which wasn’t what I was asking at all, and I’m not entirely certain we ever got it completely clarified between us.

I took the question to the TCOYF message boards. Someone answered very thoroughly, and kindly, linking to different articles. Exactly what I was hoping for! Except… also, not. Because the articles showed links between URI’s and cleft lip, and spina bifida, and undescended testicle. NONE of which I want to happen to my baby. Much panic and tearing up ensued.

In texting with my sister, she told me to ask my OBGYN about it, who might know better than the PCP advice nurse. Which I totally agreed with. (Which, okay, in hindsight I’m sure the PCP advice nurse knew the truth, too! But still… Not her specialty, yanno?) So I left a message for the advice nurse at my OBGYN. And I’m soooooo glad I did. She called back within half an hour and totally reassured me.

My baby is fine. My body is protecting it! This will not affect fetal development and I can stop worrying. And I need to stop reading things on the internet. She didn’t specifically say this, but I get the feeling that you can find an article to scare you about pretty much anything you look up that’s pregnancy-related.

So from now on, that’s it. I’m trusting my doctors and will go to them with any questions I have. No more Internet*!

On a brighter note, the HCG results came back from the blood work I had done yesterday. They’re at 8480!!! (Just twelve days ago, they were at 45.) So they’ve done more than double every 48-72 hours, which is what’s supposed to happen. If they’d doubled every 48 hours, my HCG level would be 2880. So, yeah. I’m like 6000 higher than that! (I’m thinking this accounts for my huge–and I mean epic–levels of bitchiness toward Nelson recently…)

My first thought was the higher possibility for twins, but after doing some research, most people who are having twins have way higher HCG levels at 5 weeks than what my levels are. Unfortunately, during that research, I also discovered that sometimes elevated HCG levels can indicate a molar pregnancy. Which is something I wish I’d never even heard of. Again, the Internet turned out to be the devil.

In my mind, I’m choosing to believe my higher than usual HCG levels are an indication of a very strong pregnancy, and I’ll be leaving it at that. Though I still can’t wait for my first official OBGYN appointment in a week.

Here’s a general guideline I found regarding HCG levels at

*okay, so I promise to TRY, anyway.

Sick while pregnant

Ughhh. I have been so careful.

I’m loaded up with vitamins.

I’ve steered clear of germs.

But then I went to New Jersey for that wedding with my entire family. And my mom was sick.

I avoided her. We didn’t drive up together (already in the plans before she got sick). I didn’t sleep in her room (also already in the plans). I didn’t sit next to her. I didn’t hug her. (Which I hated the whole time, but she knew why!)

And still. I’ve managed to catch her upper respiratory infection. My throat is burning. My nose is stuffy. I’m generally miserable. And I’d generally been freaking out, just a little bit, about what being sick meant to the baby.

So I called my OBGYN, whom I haven’t even officially met, yet, ha. The advice nurse at the office recommended I visit my PCP. I took her advice, and here I am. Can’t take medicine but she did recommend a nasal spray and to gargle with salt water. (Both of which are grosssss, but I’ll do what I have to!)

While I was there, ONE good thing came out of it, which is that my doctor let me get blood drawn again, to check my HCG levels, to make sure they’re where they should be. Except now I’m nervous that they won’t be. Or that the first test was a fluke and I actually haven’t been pregnant this entire time.

Apparently pregnant Sara = crazycakes Sara.

Or, at least, I hope that’s the case.