Every little symptom…

Since I’m in that two week wait period, between ovulation and getting to pee on a stick to find out if I’m preggers or not, I’ve been keeping track of every. little. symptom I’ve experienced since I ovulated. I would say, “that’s just me, I’m a control freak and look for signs in everything,” but from what I’ve read, almost every girl trying to conceive does basically the same thing. So PHEW. I’m normal.

I thought I’d record each day’s “symptoms” on the blog. To look for patterns, to remember what’s normal, to someday contribute to the awesome (complete timesuck) that is Two Week Wait.

The thing about symptoms though, is that so far, each one could be explained by something other than pregnancy. I know this. I also know that for the first time I can remember, I’m hyper aware of what’s going on in my body. How it feels. How I react…. So none of it may actually anything, yanno? But… still. It’s fun to keep track. (Which is probably easy for me to say, since it’s my first cycle of trying to conceive. We’ll see what I’m feeling six months down the road…)

So. “Symptoms” coming up in the next post.


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