TTC Cycle 1 (UPDATED: Month 1 of Being Preggo!)

I’ll be listing different pregnancy symptoms — or deviations from how I usually feel — each day after ovulation. I won’t post a new post every day, I’ll just update this one each day during all of this post-ovulation cycle. Then a new post for my second cycle. And so on.

(Though FINGERS CROSSED I only actually have one post! God, I really hope I’m pregnant.)
I’ll put a jump in, for sensitivity for anyone who doesn’t want to know the nitty gritty. Not that I have blog readers. But in case someone’s stumbled here by accident…

TTC Cycle 1 2WW Symptoms 
(after the jump)

BD CD 21, 22, 23, 24 (with preseed). I Oed on CD 23. (List of acronyms here.)

1DPO (8/29/12)

  • Woke up really hungry. Doesn’t usually happen. But this is my first month getting up early for temp charting and it’s right around ovulation, so maybe it IS normal, but I usually sleep through the hunger?

2DPO: (8/30/12)

  • Temp taken at 6:15am, 97.73 degrees. TCOYF app adjusted it up to 78 degrees.
  • Some early morning cramping and abdominal pressure. May just have been bc I needed to take a BM. 
  • Woke up really hungry. Doesn’t usually happen. But this is my first month getting up early for temp charting and it’s right around ovulation, so maybe it IS normal, but I usually sleep through the hunger?
  • Headache
  • Light heartburn

3DPO  (8/31/12)

  • Had a really weird dream in which I was blindfolded and standing on a couch (?) and my trainer, Anthony, was there and maybe his brother? I can’t remember most anything else, but I know it wasn’t sexual or anything. It was more like a game or a dare…
  • Some early morning cramping and abdominal pressure. May just have been bc I needed to take a BM.
  • Headache
  • Light heartburn
  • Late afternoon: Some uneasiness (bordering on queasiness) in my mid/upper diaphragm. I thought it might have been because I caved and ordered McDonalds for lunch, which I’d vowed to give up while TTC, but when I get queasy from overeating/eating greasy foods, it always hits me in my lower belly…
  • Some light cramping (evening) and frequent need to pee! Though, sometimes not a ton came out…
  • By the time I went to bed, my back was aching soooo badly. So were my feet. I might have been standing more than usual? Not sure–and even if that was the case, the aches and pains were worse than they should have been. But maybe I’m just too in my head, ha.
  • Totally teared up while watching another blogger’s announcement video. Not usually that emotional.

4DPO (9/1/12)

  • Woke up at 6:15 to pee. Slept again until 7:45 to take my temp. Maybe be a disturbance? 
  •  Light cramping early afternoon. Pretty tired, too. But I *think* I usually am tired around this time? Wish I’d been keeping better track! 
  • Feeling slightly heavy “down there,” which usually happens on the first day of AF, but after it’s already started… Have been feeling a little cranky here and there, and easily offended. So I’m afraid I’m PMSing. Sigh. 
  • Oh! And I saw a commercial for mustard earlier and suddenly was craving a mustard sandwich. At like 9:45am. Ha. 
  • ALSO! Dreamed last night that Britney Spears sent me to Las Vegas to break up with Brad Pitt for her (or to tell him to break up with Angelina Jolie for her? Not sure.) While I was there, I saw Richard Banton, who was in Vegas for a company trip with VTFC (where I used to work). Then I found out Nelson was in town, too–and he was carrying around a ziplock sandwich bag half full of cocaine–and he wouldn’t give it up or stop using it. (I mean, wtf?? ha!) 
  • 2:18 pm: I just… FEEL pregnant. Like, I think I am. My body (boobs in particular) feel different. Not fuller, or even tingly. Like the feeling you get right BEFORE a tingle… A pre-tingle tingle… If that even makes sense.  
  • Yellow CM in underwear.
  • Evening: Cramping is getting worse and so is crankiness. I wanted to punch Nelson for chewing loudly. 
  • Lower back really achey (like piercingly so) while sitting on the couch. Put a pillow behind me for better support. Not super out of the ordinary, though usually it’s more of a dull ache from bad posture.
5DPO (9/2/12)

  • Woke up with cramps. This much cramping is making me feel like I really could be pregnant because I *never* cramp like this. Not that it’s awful or anything, but I get cramps really just the first two days of AF usually. Mostly on the left side.
    • Ooooh, found this on the American Pregnancy website, regarding early signs: Pregnant women can have some light cramping early in pregnancy. The cramping is often like light menstrual cramps through the lower abdomen or on one side or the other. The cramping is often a result of all the changes that are occurring in the uterus. The uterus is experiencing change as the implanted egg begins to grow and develop. 
  • Boobs are slightly closer to a tingly feeling in the am, but still not full-blown.
  • Dreamed about a baby in a crockpot. Which makes me feel really gross. I mean, it wasn’t getting cooked or anything! More like the crockpot was acting as a basket. But STILL. 
  • Bit into a red onion slice (which was hanging off the bagel I had for lunch) and it tasted SUPER sweet. Not even the slightest hint of that regular sharp red onion taste.
  • 3:30 I AM ONLY HAPPY WHEN I’M EATING. Otherwise, I want to murder everyone. Not that this is a pregnancy sign; this is pretty standard for PMSing for me–especially when I’m off antidepressants… 
  • 10:30pm: Holy veiny boobs, batman! All day my boobs fell out of my bra (which sometimes happens around AF anyway, but not in the same way… During AF they give that double bubble annoying thing (having big boobs sucks, imho), but today? They straight up fell out of the cups–of my biggest bra! And I showered tonight and noticed deep blue veins across my boobs that are definitely not usually there/that visible…
6DPO (9/3/12)
  • N accidentally woke me up at 6, so my temp was a disturbance. Sigh. 
  • Couldn’t help myself, took a pregnancy test. Negative. (But I’m only 6DPO…) I soooo should have waited at least two more days. (Okay, maybe four.) I just… couldn’t. I feel pregnant. 
  • Lots of am heartburn, tinged with the slightest nausea.
  • Had a Labor Day party today, so I was too busy to pay attention to many symptoms. But I did have some cramping that felt more like period cramps. 😦 Also the blue veins aren’t as noticeable in my boobs anymore. Though my boobs still feel that pre-tingle tingle thing. And usually before my period they are SO SORE. They’re not sore at all right now. But soreness is also a sign of pregnancy, so that I’m not doesn’t really mean anything one way or another, I guess?
  • 10:30ish, noticed the slightest drop of light pink CM after peeing. Might be the start of AF? Or maybe implantation spotting? 
7DPO (9/4/12)
  • Temp still up! 
  • Boobs still aren’t sore. Which is SO weird.
  • Had another weird celebrity dream. Two parter, but I only remember the first. Olivier Martinez (from when he was younger, with longish hair) was swimming and came up to the side of the pool I was looking down into, and slicked his wet hair back and made eye contact. In my dream he had vivid green eyes. Then it morphed into something else, and there was a female celebrity in the next part of my dream, but I can’t remember whom or where we were/what the situation was.
  • Took another pregnancy test, wondfo strip this time, and it came back invalid. I threw out the pee I dipped it in before the result came back–won’t make that mistake again.
  • 10:30am, took a first response hpt, came back negative. 
  • I should probably stop obsessing. I know I should. But I’m giving myself this one cycle to overanalyze everything. If I get my period, I’ll spend the next cycle being more realistic, but for now, I’m just letting myself go 🙂
  • Headache in the evening
8DPO (9/5/12)
  • OMG. There’s something there!!! 
taken with my point-and-shoot
taken with my iPhone
  • It’s faint, but it’s there! And on pregnancy tests, even the faintest line means you’re pregnant! 
  • OMG
  • OMG
  • OMG
Okay. Calming back down. 🙂 Just symptoms from here on out.
  • Light heartburn
  • Lots of little bumps (pimples?) on my chin
  • REALLY tired in the afternoon (though that could be from waking up at 6:30
  • Red bumps at the base of my neck. They look like bugbites, but aren’t
9DPO (September 6, 2012)
  • Another faint line!
  • Didn’t sleep well last night, but that could have been because I took a two hour nap yesterday in the late afternoon… 
  • It’s weird, most of my symptoms seem to be going away. Maybe it’s because they were symptoms leading up to implantation? 
  • I want to eat everythingggggg. Especially carbs with salt. I want McDonalds SO bad. But I compromised and got a bagel (with cream cheese, tomato, and onion) from Manhattan bagel instead. I finished it in five minutes flat, ha, and would love to eat another one. Or three.
  • Had a dr. apt today and she took my blood–should have results tomorrow or Monday by the latest! 
  • Evening, because I have ZERO self control, I took another test, and… !!!!!!!!!!
It’s WAY darker than it was this morning!!
  • Also, my boobs are getting a little bit sore. 
10DPO (September 7, 2012)
  • Woke from another celebrity dream! This one involved Sarah Jessica Parker twirling in a dress with a Glee-style chorus behind her, and her male, dark-haired cohost. They each had microphones and the cohost ripped off his clothes to reveal a tan costume underneath, ha. It was all taking place in this huge underground warehouse–that was set up mostly for crossfit style exercises. But there were gymnasts practicing on equipment, too. And there was one that looked real, but was really just a giant screen, projecting a gymnast on the beam who kept doing something (maybe falling??) but kept also pushing through and someone made the comment that she shows this video to her class, to show the example of perseverance… 
  • Took another test (duh), and it’s still dark–but not quite as dark as last night… 
  • Aaaand now begins the wait for the test results from the doctor
  • Also, my nipples have been more… ahem… alert for the past week. I keep not mentioning them because our house has been cold, but it’s happened to often now for it just to be because of that.
  • THE RESULTS CAME IN!! I’m pregnant!!!! HCG level = 45 at 9DPO. 🙂 🙂 🙂 
11DPO (September 8, 2012)
  • Had a super vivid, extremely inappropriate (aka naughty and DE-licious) dream about Ryan Gosling. 
  • Went to the Renaissance Fair in Annapolis with Nelson and friends. Had some slight nausea, but it wasn’t awful.
12DPO (September 9, 2012)
  • Dreamed my dad found out he had some sort of degenerative disease while we were at the beach. He and my mom had a pact that she’d help him kill himself if it ever happened, so we took their van to this crocodile beach and my dad tied raw meat to his feet to draw out the alligators. It was awful. I kept screaming and stomping my feet to scare the alligators away. Finally, they confessed that it was a joke (omg, how effed up is that???) and that he was just going tot ake a bunch of sleeping pills. I was devastated but determined not to let him do it. When we got back to the van, my mom had left the doors open and my cats had been along for the ride, but now only Piper was left. Lilah was gone and I KNEW she was with the alligators. It was awful 😦
  • Low-grade nausea on and off all day. Nothing really bad, though. I could have gone running through it if I wanted.
  • Boobs are getting sore–but only slightly still. 
  • More and more, am finding myself being hungry but nothing really sounding good. Even bread with melted cheese, or pasta–which are basically the things I LIVE to eat. 
13DPO (September 10, 2012)
  • Definitely getting more sore in the boob area. They don’t hurt when I run (not that I’m doing much of that) and I can still just wear one sports bra at the gym, but my nips are super sensitive (in an unpleasant way) to any touch or pressure.

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