Dear baby

Dear baby,

Today, September 5, 2012, we found out about you! At around 6:35 in the morning, I looked down at the pregnancy test I’d taken, and you made your presence known! Faint, but there–and I’m betting you’ll just keep getting stronger. 

Right now you’re barely the size of a poppy seed! 

(not my hand!)

It’s crazy–and so cool. I’ve been walking around smiling all day. Well, laying around mostly. I was exhausted this afternoon and took a two hour nap! 

Based on something I read about calculating due dates, (add nine months to the day of my temperature shift and then subtract seven days from that date) you’re going to be due on May 21, 2013! 

I can’t wait! Your dad’s too scared (because it’s so early) to be too excited–but don’t worry. He’s coming around. And I’ve got enough excitement to cover a million people’s worth. 


your mom-to-be!


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