waiting suckssss

I just got home from my doctor’s office. I’d made a preconception visit about a month ago, for today, back when I didn’t think we’d start trying until September–so the timing really worked out, considering I’ve had two faint positive test results.

I went ahead and had a flu shot, after being assured that it won’t in any way affect my pregnancy (if I am pregnant) or the development of the baby.

And I had blood work done to test for pregnancy.

Except the results won’t be in until tomorrow at the EARLIEST. I may not even hear until Monday.

Ughhhh. I just want to know that the tests haven’t been flukes!! I want to be able to celebrate with Nelson for real.


Guess I’ll be twiddling my thumbs a little while longer…

And by “twiddling my thumbs” I clearly mean “obsessing over every little detail and testing every morning, praying this thing sticks.”

I mean, I do think it’s going to stick. I have a feeling. I just need to hold onto it and not let every little doubt wiggle in through my mind.


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