Sick while pregnant

Ughhh. I have been so careful.

I’m loaded up with vitamins.

I’ve steered clear of germs.

But then I went to New Jersey for that wedding with my entire family. And my mom was sick.

I avoided her. We didn’t drive up together (already in the plans before she got sick). I didn’t sleep in her room (also already in the plans). I didn’t sit next to her. I didn’t hug her. (Which I hated the whole time, but she knew why!)

And still. I’ve managed to catch her upper respiratory infection. My throat is burning. My nose is stuffy. I’m generally miserable. And I’d generally been freaking out, just a little bit, about what being sick meant to the baby.

So I called my OBGYN, whom I haven’t even officially met, yet, ha. The advice nurse at the office recommended I visit my PCP. I took her advice, and here I am. Can’t take medicine but she did recommend a nasal spray and to gargle with salt water. (Both of which are grosssss, but I’ll do what I have to!)

While I was there, ONE good thing came out of it, which is that my doctor let me get blood drawn again, to check my HCG levels, to make sure they’re where they should be. Except now I’m nervous that they won’t be. Or that the first test was a fluke and I actually haven’t been pregnant this entire time.

Apparently pregnant Sara = crazycakes Sara.

Or, at least, I hope that’s the case.


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