Chalkboard fun

Still sick. Stillll miserable.

But you know how you get that, like, ONE thirty minute window sometimes when you feel like utter shit when all the sudden you don’t feel like SUCH utter shit? Like, that window where you could actually clean or do laundry or be productive?

I’ve had those. And instead of actually being productive, I’ve been playing with my chalkboard 🙂

Or with some color…

I mean, clearly, I need to work on my drawing skills. The best I’ve got now are hearts and stars–and even those are of questionable quality, ha! But… I tried to do one with birds for  a little while  hours, and it. was. awwwwful. I’ll at least have to play around with  fun little twists and doodles connected to and/or around my letters…


2 thoughts on “Chalkboard fun

  1. Megan Brink

    I LOVE chalkboards for pregnancies- can't wait to see what you do with yours! It looks great already!

    I can't wait until I get pregnant, my husband and I made a chalkboard last month (praying it was our month), and unfortunately we STILL have a bare chalkboard waiting to be used. 😦

  2. sara

    Thanks so much! And I'm sorry it didn't happen for you this month–but fingers are totally crossed for you for next!

    Maybe until then, you could… I don't know… Write a message on your chalkboard for your future baby-to-be? Take a photograph and then show it to them when they're older, so they know how badly the were wanted from the very beginning?


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