An Ode to Nausea*

Hello nausea, my old friend, you’ve come to visit me again,
Because a trickle started creeping, to wake me up while I was sleeping,
And the queasy that was planted in my frame, 
Still remains, within that mound of extra saliva.

*sun to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel’s Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, obvi.

Basically, I’m finally on the upswing of my cold and guess what greets me this morning? Yeah. Bet you could tell my the title of the post.

I’m really hoping this is from all the extra snot I’ve swallowed over the past few days and not a precursor for what’s to come. Because omg it suuuucked. I got up and made a bagel, and after I ate it I felt better (though I swear it’s still there, just barely held at bay, between my lower ribs–and if I think too hard about it, it’ll come roaring back in full force).

Like, in the past couple weeks, when I felt a little bit of nausea, it was mostly tinged with a little bit of heartburn, and I could totally still have gone to the gym and gotten on the treadmill. Yeah. Not today. While this wasn’t knockdown-drag-out-can’t-move nausea, it was still too much to do anything during. Even getting up to toast the bagel was not fun. Yikes.

There’s been a part of me that’s been kinda bummed that I haven’t had a ton of preggo symptoms ever since it was confirmed. (Even though it’s still so early, ha.) But the MAJORITY of me has been hoping I’d be one of the lucky ones who just breezed through the first trimester. Most of my friends who’ve gotten knocked up have had it pretty bad. I figured ONE of us had to get it easy. But if this morning was any indication, it ain’t gonna be me.

Fingers crossed that it’s just from extra mucus accumulation over the past week! 🙂

(There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say type.)


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