Sometimes you HAVE to have hot and spicy cup o’ noodles.

Sometimes you have to rush to the grocery store and buy ten cups of it.

Sometimes you eat three in a row.

Sometimes your vow to only eat superbly healthy throughout your entire pregnancy goes right. out. the. window.

And sometimes, you don’t even feel guilty about it. You sit there, on the couch, a contented smile across your face and your belly rounded out as though you’re 7 months, rather than 7 weeks, along.

Because you know what? Sometimes you spend so many days in a row so queasy that nothing really sounds good–or anything that actually does, makes you nauseous just thinking about it a few minutes later.

And when that craving hits, one that doesn’t disappear a few seconds later, for spicy, salty bad-for-you deliciousness, you freaking rush out to fulfill it.

And it’s effing amazing.


One thought on “Sometimes you HAVE to have hot and spicy cup o’ noodles.

  1. SunnySide

    That's pretty much one of my favorite snacks of all time! Spicy, salty, warm, cheap..mmm! And yes, it IS an emergency when the craving hits, pregnant or not. And thank you, cause now I'm boiling water! 😉 My mouth is watering…


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