How I got pregnant. Beyond the obvious, that is.

I truly believe know without a doubt I wouldn’t have gotten knocked up without some very specific things helping me out along the way. (Unless we’d used the sex every other day method, nd, let’s be real, my sex life doesn’t roll that way.)

No, my plan was always to concentrate on when I ovulated. And given my *fairly* regular 30 day cycles, I was taught that I’d ovulate on day 15.


So, yeah. Let’s get into this. Here are the things I’d highly recommend if you’re trying, and why they helped me so much.


Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s a book (very educational, but oh-so-dry), and it’s also a message board community online. I recommend both. The book gives a lot of information, but is pretty boring. (I mean, how could it not be, if you think about it? There’s no drama, no comedy, no romance… Just straight facts.) And it gives a really good introduction to how and why you should chart your temperature each morning. Honestly, there was a lot of information in the book that wasn’t relevant to me, at all. But if you’re a good skimmer, you should be fine!

But the BEST part about TCOYF are the online tools. There are message boards, where you can ask any questions, vent any frustrations, and celebrate success with other women striving for the same thing you are. And, most importantly, you can chart your temperatures (and lots of other things) into an online graph that will tell you when you’ve ovulated. This was so clutch for me. Because remember how I said I should have ovulated on day 15? Yeah. No. I didn’t ovulate until day 23 on the cycle I got pregnant. So if I’d tried to conceive without charting, I would have tried way too early and missed the window completely. See? (The little egg picture shows when I ovulated.)


Basal Body Temperature Thermometer. (I got mine at Target for, like, $9.) This is how I took my temperature. Every morning at the same time. My alarm would go off, I would reach out and pop this baby in my mouth until it beeped to tell me my temperature. (Seriously, you can’t stretch, you can’t pee, you can’t talk, you can’t sit up… This has to be the very first thing you do, or else your temps will be skewed.) The thermometer I got was nice because it records the temperature and flashes it for you the next time you turn it on. So if I fell back asleep before recording on my own, I had a cheat sheet right there.

I also used the My Days iPhone app to record my temperatures each morning. It charts similarly to TCOYF, but waaaay less detailed. I really only used it as a temporary recording area until I was awake enough to get my laptop and enter the temp in my TCOYF chart.

Also, in case you’re wondering, the day after ovulation has occurred, your temperature will spike. See on the chart above? My temperature spiked on day 24, which showed that I’d ovulated on day 23.


Okay, so while the first two helped me determine when ovulation had occurred, these Wondfo Ovulation Prediction Strips help me figure out when I’m ABOUT to ovulate. Because here’s the thing. When you’ve ovulated, you have like a 12-24 hour window(ish) to bang it out with results. Because the egg survives about that long. BUT. Sperm? Sperm can live (up there) for up to a few days. So if you know when you’re about to ovulate, you can start trying right away.

I tested twice a day from a few days before I was supposed to start ovulating, all the way through when I was about to. (Which was about a 9 day difference than what I’d thought it’d be.) We started trying as soon as the strip changed color up through the day past ovulation. And honestly, I feel like it was one of those early times that did it for us, because I got a positive pregnancy test at 8 days past ovulation. Which is SUPER early to show a positive!

One thing to note about these strips–the indicator strip has to be AS dark as the test line to show that your LH is surging (which is what occurs before ovulation). On the other hand, with PREGNANCY strips, the line can be super, duper faint–and it still means you’re pregnant 🙂 (Because any level of HCG, the preggo hormone, in your urine indicates pregnancy.)


Since we got pregnant the first month we tried, I’m not sure how much Pre-Seed had to do with it. But it could have been what cinched it for us. I have a really close family member who struggled with infertility for over a year. She tracked her temperatures, used ovulation prediction strips (and taught me about both those things), even had a few rounds of Clomid. But the thing that made a difference for her and her husband was Pre-Seed. The first time they used it, they got pregnant. In fact, I have a few friends who’ve used Pre-Seed and they’ve all had the same results. Super quick conceptions.

And that’s it. Those are the things that helped me get this bun in my oven! (Well, I mean, besides Nelson, of course, ha!) Although, I should also mention that there was a lot of luck involved for me. I feel extremely fortunate that things fell into place the way they did, because I’m well aware that it doesn’t happen so easily for others.


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