If my boobs get any bigger, I might punch someone in the face. If my boobs don’t reach them first.

No seriously.

I had to order new bras. Gone are my days of a full C/space-left-over D. Now? DOUBLE FREAKING D. Ugh.

I know. Girls get boob jobs for sizes like these. But me? I hate having big boobs. I can barely even wear a turtleneck without cleavage. And that was before this whole pregnancy thing made them swell up like the lips of someone with a peanut allergy after eating a PB&J.

And you know what’s just as (completely NOT) awesome about Double Ds? There are no pretty bras. I mean, sure, there are ones with pretty fabrics, and with lace… But when they’re big enough to cover mountains? Just no.

Also? I have to get new cleaning supplies. I use Mrs. Meyers’ honeysuckle-scented cleaners… Now the smell is so sweet it makes my stomach swirl. At least I know the basil scent is crisp and won’t bother me. For now.

Also? I ate a Hershey’s mini chocolate bar and it made my throat hurt. What is UP with that?

Aaaand that ends my Friday night gripe session…


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