2nd Trimester Update

*blows dust off of blog*


I had all these grand plans for pregnancy. Weekly belly shots. Weekly updates about cravings and body changes and anything else interesting…

Clearly, these things have NOT been happening.

It just takes so much effort. And I haven’t had the energy. Well, for the past few weeks my energy’s come back (it’s so true what they say about the second trimester!) but I’ve been busy doing things like making lists of everything I need/want for the baby, taking apart and reorganizing closets (I’m halfway done… ish), watching TV, dealing with massive headaches, and some other stuff.

It’s been a lot of fun to figure out everything we’ll need–though it was super overwhelming at first. My sister is awesome and sent me a list of everything on her baby budget. I used it after the fact to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, because I really love to figure stuff like this out for myself. I did tons of online research and looked for mommy blog and real-life friend recommendations, too. Just in time–because I was able to take advantage of some of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. I ordered our stroller, the pack ‘n play, a baby swing and a baby rocker. They’ve mostly all come in already and it is FUN to watch the boxes pile up. Each one makes me feel a little more prepared–and like this is even MORE real than it’s even felt this whole time.

I really can’t wait to start the nursery! I have a ton of ideas for it. Color schemes and stuff, but I have to wait to find out the sex of the baby to start finalizing anything. And speaking of…

We have an appointment for the big gender reveal on December 22nd. I’ll be one day shy of 19 weeks then, and we’re supposed to have it at 20 weeks–but I want to know the gender on Christmas, so we’re taking the chance and trying to find out early.

Nelson, his mom, and I have all dreamed the baby is a boy. My dad is convinced it’s a boy. I have a few friends who swear it’s a girl (but only one of them has seen my belly). I’ll be thrilled either way–I just want a healthy little bean.

Thanksgiving was last week–and thank God I was already a couple weeks into the second trimester because I’m finally able to eat again! And to say the food was awesome is a complete understatement. It is every year–my dad’s such a phenomenal chef! I meant to blog all the recipes and pay attention while he cooked, but all I wanted to do the day of is sleep. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So a picture will have to suffice for now–I’ll blog all the recipes next year.

From left to right, top to bottom: Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Cranberry Jelly (SO clutch for the perfect Turkey sandwiches!), my plate of food, Turkey, Peas, Creamed Onions, and Red Cabbage

We also have our first ever Christmas tree! We’re not going crazy on decorations this year because we won’t actually be in town for Christmas, but we finally have a house that will fit a tree and N really wanted to get one! (How cute is he?)

I was really skeptical about the red star on top at first, because I wanted to go with a more traditional gold or silver–but when we put it up, I kinda fell in love with it! Next year we’ll do two trees. One just like this, and one with family ornaments–or maybe just birds. I’ve always wanted an all-bird tree… 

There are a few other little decorations up around the house and we’ll finish stringing lights outside this weekend, so maybe I’ll do another post later with more pictures. But that’s it for now.


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