Elementary school shooting in Connecticut

Today there was a shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut. Several sources, at this moment, are reporting that 27 people died, including 18 children.

I can’t stop crying.

Usually, I don’t get as emotional over tragedies. It’s fucked up, but because they haven’t happened in my town, or to me, they seem so far away. Like, I feel awful, but in a removed sort of lalalala don’t think about it and it won’t be real sort of way.

But this? Maybe it’s because I’m about to have a child of my own. Maybe it’s because the children who are dead were so young. Maybe it’s just time to peel off that protective layer that keeps me from feeling so awful about such awful things. Whatever the reason, this, I can’t stop from feeling deep in my soul.

I’m devastated. I’m confused about how something like this could happen, that there are people out there who are sick enough to believe that the solution to their problems is to walk into an elementary school and begin shooting.

This is senseless. And so sad. And I can’t even bring myself to write anything else about it right now.


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