Bumpity bumping… 24 weeks-style

A couple pre-gym snapshots.
Ah, The Hunger Games tee. I love it so.

How far along? 24 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain: 7 lbs (approximately–I’ll weigh in officially at my appointment this Thursday)
Maternity clothes? Yep! (Leggings are seriously my best friend. And ruched tunics.)
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Not great. I wake at the drop of a dime these days. N turning over. ME turning over. And, of course, that constant need to pee.  
Best moment this week: N finally got to feel baby girl kicking!
Miss Anything? Alcohol. And deli meat sandwiches. I mean, I don’t understand why I took sandwiches for granted for so long. I NEVER used to make them for lunch. Now? They’re almost all I think about. Especially bologna and cheese. (Yes, yes, bologna is kinda gross. But I crave what I crave. What can I say??) When this little girl has vacated my belly? My fridge is going to be sooooooo stocked with deli meats and cheeses. I will eat a sandwich (or two) (or six) everyyyy day. My mouth is watering while I type this. 
Movement? Kicks! She started kicking around the start of the year and her bouts are getting longer and stronger, though she’s still quiet for long periods of time. (I think she sleeps for something like 12-14 hours at a time right now?) I love every little footprint I get to feel from the inside.
Food cravings: Nothing really. Though I have been more into chocolate than I have been previously. 
Gender prediction? Girl!
Labor Signs: I *think* I had Braxton Hicks contractions two nights in a row last week. Except… they were excruciating. Like, way more than anything I’ve read about them. In fact, I’ve heard that Braxton Hicks don’t really hurt. So I’m not sure what was going on. But for me? These were period cramps on crack on top of crack on top of crackity crack crack crack. I actually was yelling from the pain. Poor N had no clue what to do. And eventually this lead to, um, another body function. Let’s just say that for now. If it happens again, I’ll probably go to urgent care just to be safe–and I’ll definitely ask the doc about it on Thursday–because after reading about it (after it happened and I was feeling better) the symptoms also align with preterm labor… Update: After my dr appointment a few days later, I learned that this was NOT a case of Braxton Hicks. Just that awful thing that starts with the word diary and ends with the sound ah. Ugh. Still have never felt pain like that EVER. But apparently my intestines are super close to my uterus right now, so it’s hard to tell where pain is coming from…
Symptoms: Not many! It’s true what they say about second trimester. I have had a ton of energy! Though these days I’m getting tired a lot more easily than I have the past few weeks. Like the first half of second tri was all BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE GET TONS OF STUFF DONE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE and now, in the second half, it’s more bounce bounce, rest rest, bounce, get a couple things done, go to bed.
Belly Button? In
Wedding rings? On
Mood? I actually feel a little bit more hormonal these days. I’m quicker to snap at Nelsonic–and to get irritated with things in general, but still, no major blow ups or tantrums or sobfests… Yet.
Looking forward to: Nursery things coming together! I’m working on picking out the perfect gray paint color for the walls; we have the changing table/dresser, but it needs to be sanded & repainted; the crib and glider have been ordered; the mobile has been made (found a custom one I loved on etsy) and is en route! And a few other things. It’s all planned and in the works, but nothing’s in place yet. 
Any other changes? Nah, not really. Just getting bigger, bigger, bigger!  

2 thoughts on “Bumpity bumping… 24 weeks-style

  1. Liz

    Things I'm looking forward to: meeting both of our babies and play dates!! AND moving back there in about a month!! Loved this blog post–you are adorable 🙂


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