I am soooooooooooo thankful for THESE BABIES:

I can’t get enough.

Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Just back from an OB appointment. According to the doctor I have a textbook perfect pregnancy!


I’m not so sure she left the appointment feeling the same way.

Because after a few of my questions, we learned the following SUPER EXCITING things: 1) Apparently I will have difficulty breastfeeding. I have to meet ahead of time with a lactation consultant for lots of extra help. Greeeeeat. And 2) I have a bacterial infection. Yay me.

PS I’ve already eaten every hershey’s hug from that picture while typing the past few sentences.

Official weight gain? 8.5 lbs. Which is less (by about a metric ton) than I thought I’d have gained by this point. And every pound gained is fine, anyway, healthy, even. I just soooooo wish I hadn’t been overweight when I got knocked up in the first place. It’s going to be a loooooooong road to ideal weight after delivery…

Aaaand now that I’ve worked so hard to add a couple more pounds from chocolate, I’m off to pour over nursery paint colors. It’s hard to choose! Who KNEW there were so many shades of light gray out there?


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