So What Wednesday

So What If

  • I’m kind of obsessed with the first two episodes of Kevin Bacon’s new show, The Following. They were intense and creepy and surprising in the best of ways. I wish I could plot my books the way those writers do each episode–they seriously don’t pull any freaking punches. (The third episode was a little more predictable, but I’m holding out hope that the show stays strong.)
  • Nelson’s birthday is in a month, and I’m doing something I’ve never done before. Getting him a gift that secretly really want. (BUT he’ll definitely be pumped for it, too, so I’m not being totally selfish.) I’m getting him a juicer because I want to up my intake of fruits and veggies. I mean, I have definitely been eating more of them while pregnant. But I want more. Then last night I watched a documentary (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) which was all about the healthy benefits to juicing. I’ve been thinking about it recently anyway (I have a few friends who rave about it) and the documentary pushed me over the edge. I’m not going to fast or anything; I’ll just add juices to supplement my fruit & veggie consumption.  
  • I keep reading that you should give your pets less attention while you’re pregnant, so they’re better prepared when the baby comes and you don’t have time for them anymore. And every time I see this particular piece of advice, I shake my head a little harder. My cats are my first babies — the Original Family, if you will. There aren’t too many things I’m certain of regarding what it will be like when baby girl arrives, but one thing I know for sure? I will still make time for the kittehs.
Loves of my life foreverrrrrr.
  • Last weekend was super hectic–but fun (mostly). We had new floors put in at the condo we rent out (God, I can’t wait to get rid of that thing). N’s family came to town for a surprise bday for his cousin–we went out in DC with a stretch hummer (SO FUN) and then headed back to his place for the actual surprise party complete with a DJ and a zillion people. We hosted N’s family (and my parents and uncle) for a super bowl party. It was loud and crazy with tons of food. I didn’t go to bed before 12 ONCE all weekend (and that’s saying something for a girl who’s usually crawling under covers by 9, #Lame). Now it’s Wednesday and I… am still not recovered. As a social introvert, I’ve always needed a lot of downtime after social events. But as a preggo social introvert? TIMES THAT BY A ZILLION.
    Baby girl’s first limo ride!
    PS. It was *not* as comfortable as you might think to be pregnant in a limo. Even a stretch one.
    Posting this pic as proof that I actually got ready. Like, put-on-makeup-and-straightened-my-hair ready.
    Probably the least creative-looking chalkboard design in the history of mankind. But, in my defense:
    1) I didn’t think to use the chalkboard until about 3 minutes before people started arriving, so I was short on time, and
    2) I suuuuuuuuuuck at drawing.
    Also, this is the chalkboard I got to use with weekly bump photos at the start of my pregnancy. Has it been used even once for that reason? HAAAAAAA. No. 
    • I have ordered (and returned) about six different baby shower dresses. With less than a month and a half to go until my shower, I’m starting to feel some serious anxiety about it. Which is stupid because, yanno, I have a freaking month and a half still. 
    • I swore to myself, after purchasing my diaper bag, that I wouldn’t buy any more bags of any kind for a very very long time at least a little while. Except then Kate Spade just had to email me about a surprise sale and I broke that promise to myself. Because really, how cute is this? AND it was 75% off. AND I won $40 in our super bowl bet thingy, so really… It just about bought itself. How could I not order it?
    (Gold Coast Ginnie)
    I love the bright pop of color — and I’m kinda really into cross-body bags at the mo’. 

    So What Wednesday is a blog meme started by Life After I “Dew,” a blog I recently started reading. (Click the link to see what other people are saying “so what??” to today.)


    4 thoughts on “So What Wednesday

    1. Sean Marie

      You look beautiful in that picture in the limo!

      I'm from Nova too, btw! That's always exciting to me when I “meet” other bloggers from the area because I've found there aren't a whole lot of cool ones. :p


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