Baked Parmesan Seasoned French Fries

I discovered this recipe on Pinterest, and followed it to this blog post on Play with Sugar where the original can be found. Here’s how they turned out for me!

Um, okay. Let me start by saying these fries are SO good! And the best part is that besides tasting delicious? They’re easy.

No. Seriously. E-A-S-Y easy.

See. I like to make tasty things, but I am not a chef. I grew up with a father who is amazeballs in the kitchen. Creating delicious meals is his passion. While some daughters may have helped out and learned from his expertise, I… simply enjoyed eating those meals.

But I’m working on my kitchen abilities. Slowly. And with lots of failures.

These things?

NOT failures.

Yep. Served them with hot dogs. NOT super healthy. But I did get the kind that don’t have any nitrates added, so that counts for something, right?

If I can make them? ANYONE can. Trust me.

They’re basically just like:

Get your spices ready
Mix them together and then add parmesan cheese
(cheese not pictured)
Slice up the potatoes
Shake ’em all up in a bag
Spread ’em
Even just looking at this pic — where they’re not even cooked — makes my mouth water… 
Pull out…
… of the oven
Plate ’em up
Aaaaaand enjoy! 

I increased the amounts for most of the spices — and doubled the cheese — from the original recipe. AND this recipe, made with three medium potatoes was enough for two people. There were no left overs, thanks to the Nelsonic eating machine 😉

Oh, and also? The cheese adds such a nice crunch — but if you’re dairy-free, I bet these would still be pretty bangin’ without the parmesan…


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