Honestly? Third Trimester Kinda Blows. And Other Stuff.

First of all, third trimester is NOT fun compared to second trimester.

Exhibit A: I’m getting HUGE. Gone are the days where I feel kinda cute with a little bump. Like so far gone I can barely remember them. But maybe that’s the preggo brain. I can barely remember anything these days.

Things that also suck? Let me count the ways… My SI joint in my left ass cheek is constantly in pain. But don’t worry. The right side throws itself into the mix sometimes, too. If I stand for too long, my lower back hates me. If I lie down for too long (including at night) the muscles around my upper spine scream at me. And whichever side of my ass I’m on begins to BURN. Seriously, pins and needles as though they’re on crack cocaine. It hurts to roll over because my stomach is so big. I still have to pee constantly. I have NO energy. If I’m on my feet for more than an hour, it takes half an hour with them up to recover. I think back to every pregnant waitress or bartender I’ve ever seen and basically bow down to them in appreciation. No clue how they do it. And it especially sucks because that urge to nest is kicking in super hard, but I can’t give the energy I want to in the zillion projects I need to get done before this little girl breaks outta me. Oh… And let’s not forget the agonizing charlie horses I keep getting. First my right calf (and it was tight for DAYS after) then my left (also tight for days). Ugh. Oh and if I’m gonna be really real? How about my lady bits? They don’t feel so hot. Honestly, they haven’t felt good for at least the last few months. It feels like … How can I say this? … It feels like there’s rubber cement up in there. Gross, I know. But there’s no non-disgusting way to describe it.

I do know that some girls have trouble getting pregnant and that I shouldn’t take anything for granted. And I don’t. Really. I’m so thrilled with what will be the outcome, that these aches and pains are worth it. My daughter is already worth it times a gazillion. But for the love. This is my pregnancy, and I’ll whine if I want to. 😉

Oh. And zombie nightmares. Though these have happened periodically all pregnancy. Last night’s was so scary though I couldn’t go back to sleep. I contemplated turning all the lights on — but then realized that zombies probably would be attracted to light. I’ve given up watching The Walking Dead. I don’t read zombie books. I steer clear of all zombie things. But still these stupid nightmares find me. (And before you mock me, I’m not scared of vampires or monsters or other made up creatures. But think about it… One CDC mess up, one virus accidentally released? ZOMBIES. They’re way more possible than the other stuff.)

In other news…

Nelson’s cousin and wife (Aaron and Carol) had us over for dinner over the weekend. They have a 16-month-old and a 4-month-old. And they made it look EASY. It gave me hope. True, we were only there for three hours, so I’m sure they have their days, too–but still. Even with two under two, Carol cooked this amazing meal: pork tenderloin with au jus, roasted brussels sprouts, spinach artichoke bread… I’ve basically been looking up awesome recipes for the past two days because I’m totally inspired to start making more grown up meals. We’ll see how long it lasts, ha. I’m starting with shrimp scampi tonight. (With roasted asparagus and sweet Hawaiian rolls.) Will post pics/recipe later if it’s successful!

I reorganized the kitchen today. Took the entire day — and there’s still some left over mess — but I’m pretty pleased with the results. I managed to keep one three-shelf cabinet completely empty for bottles and (later) sippy cups/toddler plates and utensils and stuff. (The following pics are from the very beginning of the reorg. It got waaaaay messier before it got better…)

I have my first class tomorrow night. Breast feeding. I’m actually looking forward to it. Though the fact that I’m at the point where my classes are starting freaks me OUT. Because it means the end is near. Which, of course, given my complaints at the start of this post, on the one hand makes me happy. Plus, I’m excited to meet this little girl!! But, um, on the other hand, I don’t feel prepared enough. At all.

Just under 8 weeks left to go!!

Excuse me while I go crap myself.


3 thoughts on “Honestly? Third Trimester Kinda Blows. And Other Stuff.

  1. Shannon

    The first and third trimesters suck, and that last month…I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. Thank God I have a desk job but even that was tough, sitting for 8 hours a days. It will be over soon though.

  2. Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls

    Ugh, all of those little aches and pains! The worst part about pregnancy, by far, is there is no break! Not even when you are asleep. But you already know that. I think the point is to make you so miserable that you will do anything to get the baby out, otherwise it would all be too terrifying and you'd want to stay pregnant forever.

  3. Mums make lists

    Oh no Zombie nightmares! I got addicted to old X-Files episodes in my first trimester so ended up with some v funny dreams. Hope everything going well, Alice x


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