36 Weeks

(I started this post but never finished it. I’m posting it anyway, so I don’t forget these things!) 

In the past few weeks…

I’m starting to notice dates EVERYWHERE. Milk expires the week I’m due. An evite for a barbecue the week before I’m due. The date for a movie opening the weekend after I’m due. It’s crazy! Time has both gone at a snail’s place and a thoroughbred racehorse pace. How are we already here??? Where dates start to coincide or overlap with when my little girl is going to meet the world??

And I’m starting to get obsessed with what baby girl is going to look like! Will she have green eyes? Red hair? Curls???

Holy heartburn, batman.

I finally went through all of our shower gifts — about a month late, ha! It was both fun and overwhelming. I also ordered a bunch of things that we didn’t receive that I think are still essential to have before the baby arrives — though I’ll probably have to spend one more day (one of these days) doing the rest.

We’re going to open all of the boxes for things I’ve had for months (strollers, carseat, baby swing, baby bath tub, etc) and practice using them.

I reorganized our kitchen to clear out an entire cabinet for baby things, and am going to clear off the counter space directly below it for more baby things.

We’ve taken a breastfeeding class, and a baby birth prep class (the express class, which was two nights in a row of three hours of information)… Next up? A baby care class (because I have NO idea how to swaddle. Or change a diaper. Or, basically, anything baby-related. And an infant CPR course. For obvious reasons.

(Post script: We missed the baby care class, whoops! But I ordered a few baby care DVDs so we can still learn a little bit about how to do those things!)


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