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New blog name. New blog host (finally made the switch to wordpress after using blogger exclusively for almost a decade). New ME.

Just kidding about the last part. I’m the same me. I’ve just decided to put a little more effort into my blog.

See, a year ago I was a stay-at-home writer, working on my fifth (unpublished because I keep chickening out from querying agents) YA novel. Now I’m a stay-at-home mom slash novelist-on-hiatus. And I love it. I love, love, LOVE getting to stay at home with Kiernan. I mean, look at this face — who WOULDN’T love to hang out with this cutie all day long?

Kiernan 38 weeks

But I miss writing. A lot. And I happen to love blogging. Quite a bit. And I’m not quite mentally ready to get back to my novel. So here I am. Trying to figure out wordpress — but already excited by the differences from blogger (I love changing up my style and blogging is no different). It may be slow going for a bit while I try to get it down, but I’m here — doing something for myself. In-between baby naps. 🙂

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Marriage Equality

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States is considering whether or not gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry the people they love.

There are two cases on the docket: 
The first case challenges California’s Proposition 8, an initiative that states marriage is between a man and a woman — and this case asks the question of whether there is a fundamental right to gay marriage. The next is a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which is a federal law stating marriage is something between a man and a woman, and denies federal benefits to same-sex couples who are legally married in their states. 
Both cases should be answered by the end of June. And I pray that both cases are found in the favor of same-sex couples. 
I believe that supporting this is simply the right thing to do. 
I’m not going to write some long blogpost about this. I’m merely marking it here more as a placeholder, so someday, I can come back and remember I am NOT one of the people out there who should be ashamed of myself for once having believed that gays and lesbians don’t deserve the same happiness as everyone else.

And, even more so, so that my daughter doesn’t ever have to be ashamed of me. 

For those friends wondering, this special “red” equality symbol signifies that marriage equality really is all about love. Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign for this effort. Please consider changing your profile today in support–esp if you are a straight ally.” ~George Takei, via Facebook, March 26, 2013