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38 Weeks

Whoa, mama.

How far along? 38.1

Total weight gain: 25 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Yep. And yoga/workout pants. 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Because I take Zyrtec at night for allergies and it makes me drowsy, I sleep pretty well these days. Minus all the pee trips and the pain in the sides of my butt. (I have to switch the side I’m lying on pretty frequently.)  
Best moment this week: Declaring the nursery truly and finally FINISHED! (Will post a bunch of pictures later this week, but here’s a sneak preview:
Also, we had Liz and Brett over for an impromptu dinner on Saturday which was a ton of fun — and yesterday was cinco de Mayo, so we had them over again, along with my parents and B’s parents for Mexican. Also a really good time. And I know I’ll treasure those nights because Liz is due today and I’m in two weeks (maybe sooner) so it was probably our last weekend ever of just us. 
Miss anything? Still deli meat sandwiches (though I’ve been making egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, and cheese and tomato sandwiches a lot, which have helped). And wine. And Snickers bars. 
Movement? Still moments with LOTS of activity, but also long stretches without. (And she still LOVES Mumford and Sons, especially their song The Cave!) 

Food cravings: Nothing too major.  
Gender prediction? Girl!
Labor Signs: Heaviness in my pelvic region. Cramping in my pelvic region — and last night I think I maybe had a back contraction? Not really sure. This stuff is still confusing to pick out of a lineup! Oh, and still lots of nesting. Cleaning, reorganizing, opening every baby contraption we own and figuring out how it all works (not that I remember anymore, ha!)…  I was up at 1:30 in the morning completely cleaning out and scrubbing down the fridge last week. 
Symptoms: Heartburn (but nothing I can’t handle). Pain on the sides of my ass when I lie too long on one side while falling asleep. Weird, vivid dreams (that I forget almost immediately after waking up — though I do remember having one from the POV of an old woman and her old husband, maybe they were supposed to be Nelson and me in 40 years or so?)
Belly Button? In, but weird and super tiny. I can tell it still really wants to pop! 
Wedding rings? Off. I still wear my heirloom diamond ring because it’s usually too big for me and fits a little better now. I could wear my wedding band, but sometimes it’s a little too snug for my liking, so I just went ahead and put it away for the rest of my pregnancy.
Mood? Depends on the hour and whether or not I’ve taken my iron pill (it’s weird how much of a difference that thing makes in my mood and energy levels!) I’ve gotten really nit-picky about germs and cleaning and wanting to feel more prepared… Last week I felt like N was just going through the motions and sent him a pretty lengthy email about my feelings on the matter. Part of me feels bad, but I still stand by what I said! Things along the lines of how he seems to care a zillion times more about the condition of our yard than he does about getting ready for the baby. Seriously, he spends hours upon hours upon hours taking care of our grass and garden. BUT I realized yesterday, I actually think this is HIS way of nesting. So I’ll cut him some slack. For now, anyway. And, plus, I do love how fantastic our lawn looks 🙂 
Looking forward to: Meeting Baby K!! I feel like we’re JUST about as ready as we can be, so I’m in that hurry up and wait phase. But my hospital bags are packed, in case she decides to come early 🙂 (PLEASE COME EARLY.) 
And today is Liz’s actual due date, so I’m pretty pumped to meet her little girl, too!
Any other changes? 
The bad: Between weeks 33 and 35 I had an unexpected/unexplainable weight gain so I was forced to take the 3-hour glucose test again. (Ugh.) And this time I failed it. So, yep. Gestational Diabetes. I gots it. Blerg. I have to prick my finger for blood FOUR TIMES A DAY. It sucks and I was really depressed for about a week. I control it with diet and exercise (lottttts of walks after meals), so at least I’m not on insulin or anything. To be honest, I’m basically used to it now though, and the diet was actually an easier adjustment than I thought it’d be. And the silver lining of it all is that while my belly has gotten bigger, the rest of me has not. My legs and ankles have actually slimmed down the tiniest amount. But don’t get me wrong. GD still sucks. I can’t talk to most people about it (mostly because it’s humiliating –because if they haven’t been pregnant/through GD, they usually assume I did something to get it, like it’s my own fault — which is not the case, it’s just that some women’s bodies during pregnancy get kinda wacky with insulin production) and I’m terrified that it’s affected the baby 😦 She’s definitely measuring on the bigger side, according to my OBs — but one of them told me last week that it could have nothing to do with the GD. We have a growth sonogram scheduled later today, so we shall see then what our options for delivery are. If she’s too big, I’ll probably be induced next week — or have a scheduled C-section, which, after everything, I might actually prefer because I really don’t want her to break a shoulder on the way out if she came vaginally (which happens sometimes with bigger babies).  
The good: Nelson bought me a new car! I loved my Civic — she treated me fantastically for NINE years — but she was only a 2-door car,  and there was no way that’d work for a car seat. So we went the SUV route and I’m in love with it 🙂 We even got the car seat set up relatively easily! (Though I have an inspection scheduled for this Thursday just to be on the safe side!) 
I don’t have any closer up pictures… But even from far away she makes me smile 🙂


So What If

I effing Hate naps. Hate, with capital H. Which is sacrilege to the spirit of pre-preggo Sara, because, dude, from college on? Naps have been one of the highlights of any day I’ve been able to fit one in. But these days? When they’re actually necessary because I’m growing a person in me and I’m uncontrollably exhausted by 1:30 every day? They suck. I wake up disoriented and with a headache and completely groggy. And it takes at least an hour to snap out of it. Two to actually feel good. Sometimes longer. Ugh. As necessary as they are (and they are — my eyes close without my permission almost every day) they are not even refreshing in the slightest.

I am having a lot of Feels over the most recent episode of Hart of Dixie.

I took the glucose test on Monday morning. It wasn’t as bad as I feel like it’s often made out to be. No, the drink wasn’t awesome, but mostly it reminded me of a mix between orange soda and orange gatorade — just with a buttload more sugar. The part that sucked was the five minutes immediately after. I was super nauseous. My palms started sweating. And I just wanted to lie down. Actually, I wanted to lie down for the entire hour I had to wait before they drew my blood, so that sucked. Especially because the chairs in the lab were NOT COMFORTABLE. So if I fail and have to take it again, except next time it’s a 3-hour ordeal? I’m screwed.

Since I don’t know yet if I failed, though, I stopped on my way home and bought two pints of Baskin Robbins ice cream. Peanut Butter Chocolate and Pralines & Cream. (If you’ve never tried their Pralines & Cream, shut up right now and go get some. It’s my serious jam.) I will be eating the shit out of that ice cream until I’m told I have to give it up. God, I hope that doesn’t happen. Between the P&C and the  two  one and a half boxes of Thin Mints currently in my possession, I will seriously cry.

Jennifer Lawrence may go down in history as one of my favorite people ever. And I know it sounds like I’m jumping on the JLaw bandwagon, as she’s the new Hollywood It Girl, but no. I’ve loved that girl since her days of Winter’s Bone. (Another thing to shut up and go out to get if you haven’t seen it.)

We painted our nursery! (And, by we, I mean Nelsonic. I would have helped, but  I didn’t want to   I hate painting and N is so much better at it — he even freaking enjoys it once he gets into the rhythm   I’m pregnant and the fumes are no bueno in my condition.) And then? Our crib came! These two things suddenly made everything so much more real. Even without the bedding, which should arrive soon, I can’t stop staring. Like, it’s real now. Real real. (Okay, and granted, probably every little thing between now and when I’m pushing this little girl out of my body will suddenly make it real real, but still. Bear with me. I’m new to this shizz.)

Ugh. Update: I failed the stupid glucose test. Not by very much, but still. I have to go back for the three hour one. AND I have low iron, so I have to take supplements of that now, too. Which is no big. But the 3 hour glucose test is gonna suuuuuuuuck. FML. 

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